The Two Hours to Your Power Instant Mindset & Vital Energy Training: Persona vs Shadow

FREE Online Training Workshop

Building up massive amounts of Qi energy & Mind Force is the key to feeling young and energetic as well as having the Mindset Domination to create rapid transformation with the Signature 9 Step Mind Force Process.

What you will discover in this 2 hour training:

  • How to become "Preeminent" with your skills
  • The 3 challenges most people face with getting results
  • The secret to building up massive Qi the right way
  • Why Mindset Domination is the #1 reason you are not getting results
  • Learn the Process and Frameworks to Uplevel your life
  • Why your Qi must be synchronized with your mind
  • Feel the energy and prove it to yourself

Presented by


A. Thomas Perhacs

Sifu Al Perhacs is the Author, Creator and Visionary of The Mind Force Method, with over 20 years of helping high performance individuals to maximize their life using esoteric training principles.